Sunday, May 12, 2019

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Selling sell buying buy figurine figures anime manga collection


Monday, January 28, 2013

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Choose your Android!

There're many types of roms for android based mobile. I first encountered the system  thanks to Mr Danny Choo. He bought Samsung S 3 and decided to make an application called Mirai Clock in 2d - live technology ( one can also install it on Iphone though ). So I was like, seriously? I desire to have phone like that and play a weee bit with Mirai. My dad happened to bought LG L3 so I had a chance to see how it tastes.
Many months later, due to lack of gold, my very fist android device landed in my hands. I decided to go with LG Optimus P970. It's cheap, neat looking, customisable & light weighted mobile, perfect for beginner and person fascinated with Japan. I was wondering whether to buy LG 4X HD or some Samsung but the price and very fact that there'll be a lot better technology in future resulted in cessation of further actions. At first I wanted to install as many Japan related apps as possible but there was also a thought in my mind to upgrade firstly the system itself. Due to this google was explored. What was found, will be written here so brace yourself ( Mr Danny decided to go with Cyanogenmod 10 which is an alternative to stock android system ). As I said at the beginning, one can choose rom he prefers, install it and enjoy "new" handy. You can go with official upgrade or trust some private developer. If you do not want to lose your warranty and battery live, custom options aren't your first choice then go with service repair. However if you want to challenge yourself, then, pick up one of listed roms! Personally I wanted to go with Slim Bean but they discontinued the support for P970. Now, I'll try to run Huexxx package because it offers upgraded version of Ice Cream Sandwich ( battery drain is lower and this version is most stable one for now ). However there is also Zeus 7,  JellyBam, Marvel option of flashing. So I wish one will be able to install desired android version. Make sure to save all msgs and copy files from mobile too! In case you crush something [ brick it ] try this resolve. That's all for today. Make sure to visit a site of mine in the future, for I plan to write about Japan related applications. 
Die mortals, die! I'm just fooling around, have a nice day ;]

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

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Toy Tengoku Drawing Competition [hosted by HLJ]

While browsing HLJ site keroroslayer saw ( 12.01.2013 ) big sign about some contest with this green bear above. Out of curiosity ( as every human would do) decided to enter for more info. He tends to distrust this kind of events, for something always do not fit his thoughts or he simply lack of needful skill. However this time, to mine disbelief it was simple. Damn way to simple! All you have to do is:

"Draw/paint by hand a picture of Melon Kuma eating you favorite Anime / Action figure (see reference images below). Then email your entry. "

Competition Rules:
- Only one entry per person:
- HLJ will pay for shipping, but not for any customs duties you may incur.
- No digital manipulation, which means no photoshop or other image software. Pens, pencils, crayons, paints or any other natural method of applying a pigment to paper are fine. 
- If you don’t have a scanner you can use a camera, make sure the image is of good quality.
What you get for your the effort:
a) 1/7 NGE Makinami Mari Illustarious Plug Suit Style PVC by Kotobukiya ( normal price ¥7,800 ) ,
b) FLCL RIO:Bone Kanchi (Red) by Sentinel ( normal price ¥5,524 ) ,
c) TV Animation Persona4 Stuffed Collection Kuma by Mega House ( normal price ¥4,500 ).

Hurry up, you have time till  January 31, 2013 at 11:59pm JST ( Japanese Standard Time)
Don't miss your chance, good luck! If you're fancy post your work here as well!
If you are looking for this prizes to buy, you can find them here:

ps. As for Melon Kuma, you can order it only here and here 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

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The meaning of passion

Today I would like to highlight the drift about doing something as a volunteer. Not so long time ago there was only one opionion in my mind about doing something without earning money for it - lame, lost of precious time etc. like going to football game and stand 5h stright. However in the past few days I've discovered the very fact that I enjoy doing something without hesitation and receiving payment, while not being rich.
I have to admit, in the past many people were given gifts by me just because - I don't like having money and while possessing it I prefer spending it on someone else, naive one can state, that's for sure but this is nice seriously. It has all began from old man trying to buy way overpriced TV so I guided him to the proper store and gave him an advice - at the end while walking away he smiled & expressed his appreciation towards me. Next issue had to do with private English lessons ( I find my language at high level of difficulty ^,^ ). Since no one called I decided to help without any charge. Not to mention the peace at which I either write or explain the task, in addition I love challenging myself so...Anyway, thanks to it many people were grateful, for I brought forth various essays, letters or even lent a helping hand with studying loads of material. Today I went on first serious job interview. Strangly I wasn't even scared and did not think much about it at home but just before the entrance. Funny thing: I was employed there before as manual worker in BZWBK bank, City Bank Handlowy. Some guy I know also got his job thanks to them, for they asked me if there's someone proper for working as network administrator, so I reccomended him without any second thought. The company itself has 50 years of tradition in finding and offering workplaces. It isn't much for someone like me - holding almost master degree but when I saw how bad is their situation: no working website, dropping scale of companies cooperating with them or even the base of emplyees there was only thing I could do in this matter - generally speaking improve the business. The president was delighted by my ideas, skills and offered me even a lot, as for student, money per hour. At first I was against receiving any income but finally thought that I can put aside gold and buy my very first ticket to Japan! So I will be paid for something I know well & spend time on it few days in the week. Putting it altogether, there is a hope for good outcome and that matters the most, for as Mr Danny Choo said: "Life is not about being financially comfortable - its about living a passion". But I won't work there for ages - just to improve the quality of their establishment ( remember Dannys 1st Rising Sun employer -case of Nature Japan - Korean company?) and move on in life so as not to land in the safe zone. I'm so joyful. Life is great! Here you go, in this short interview is said how passion worked out for a rolemodel of mine.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

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Live progress

We all meet again, how nice. You sure remember my last post about present situation in a life of mine. So how is it now? Apparently I did not die. Being busy - that was the real reason behind my silence. In addition there is no use in posting crap stuff as nearly every blog nowadays does, it's better to search for unique content attached, at the same time, to your own interest - that would be the best option. I'm doing quite well that's for sure. As for Japanese I've made a weee progress (hiragana, katakana & some kanji) in addition to listening and reading karaoke music- Dragon Ball GT ed suits me the best.
My studies are doing also fine, even if takes me 2 day to sit at my university. Recently I wrote a case study about animation cluster in Japan - it was a lot of fun, for I've found a 2009-2014 improvement plan for Nerima region. I did it good, ate some yummy sweets and I felt happy, fulfilled - this is the time in which my ultimate happiness is born. With low steps, also, I start to write my master paper about Japan+commerce+anime/figures ( won't reveal it for now:P ). English certificate, how about it? BEC+CAE will do fine. There was some events on the way like ZOO & meeting of new friends in a city of mine but there will be more in next posts, let we hope for that. Pure pleasure at 1 position in life! That's all I wanted to share with you all. As I always try to input something motivational into the post ( which often describe my feelings) here you go Bakuman 3 ending by Sphere called "Pride on Everyday" hit 5:42:

Friday, September 28, 2012

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Gaijin Japanese studies

 Today I want to share with you a piece of knowledge about life decisions and the wisdom of successful people. As far you remember I am a 24 year old student. In the following year I finish my master. One could ask what next, what do you plan to do after that? Because I do have some ideas and know arleady my desires I had to think which way fits me the best. And it isn't that simple. You know, decisions are like a cake: it depends of  flavor- you will like it or not so if  the path you've picked out is good then reward is waiting for you at the end of some life stage, otherwise things can go bad.
So I made up my mind and began learning Japanese language. It is crucial for someone who desires to work and live in Japan to know how to communicate. I had to choose between self-study and some university. It was a really long time, before I've made up my mind. Before that I wanted to know how did taste other cakes eaten by people I know or googled by chance but yet wrapped to my interest. At first I thought about Mr. Danny Choo - a role model of mine. He did learn the language by himself, however went to S.O.A.S university after that. One has to remember that it was in 90's so I thought why not to dig more about current situation. So I did. At first there was a guy, which wanted to paint and Japanese was his additional horse and you know what? He is doing just fine. Some man I know, on the other hand, do not care much about learning the language, for he've many other things to do in life like web design or working in a bank. Later on I thought about two friends of mine: Anne and Kei ( current readers should remember them if not just click apropriate labels). They've both learned Japanese by themselves with outstanding outcome, studying Chinese or Computer Science at the same time.  For the last cake I wrote on 3 different forums focused on Japanese studies. I wrote to many current and previous students (starting from 2005) stating my opinion and desires about gaining the power to speak Japanese itself. They all agreed that, going to university overall and nowadays isn't as important as before and one would simply, at the same time, suffer because of additional subjects and classes with big group not to mention one pace for everyone. They also recommended me to take, instead of university, some Japanese course and then study by my own.
To sume up all the examples I gave I can say one: everyone agreed that nowadays it isn't critical to go into university to master language. One has to think what role will it have in his own life. If it is something you want to do as main job or have a lot of spare time then go for it-studies are for you. But if something, for me Japanese, is an additional skill, not fateful one then it's no use in sacrificing 3 years of life. It is much better to devote it for more intensive, adjusted to your person life - became your own master and find most suited cake you've ever eaten! So here I am: Japanese self study, English certificate. Goal? To pass JLPT 4 (or 3 if I do good) and TOEFL in 1 year, writing my master degree thesis. I hope you enjoyed my post, now listen to him.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

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My ps3 games

 To begin with, I do not own this console, yet it would be good to have one. Nonetheless, putting it aside I bet that each of you have a "plan to play this game" page in your notebook. So do I. Today I'll write about Playstation 3 ones, for my list is finally done. One can expect, however, some future post about rest of top console games of mine. Why did I start with PS3? I remember playstation 1 - PS one oh yes: many hours spent on playing great titles. In the contrary of Nintendo (simple candy games but still enjoyable), Sony focuses on games with great graphic, vast storyline and character development. I've never dreamed to play any Japanese game on this machine but then I saw "Dragon Ball" on PS3 saying holly shit - my dream came true. Then they created "Naruto", "Bleach", "One Piece" and finally "Gundam" (oh lovely BANDAI<3).
Each of it is made very well, so while watching I can feel like reading a manga or exploring anime universe. This is the spirit of Japan-they can implement something great into everything - here console. I like watching  Shōnen , I really do and it's maybe because I picked them up and had good time while reading on various websites, browsing google images, watching them on youtube to talking about them with my friends. I hope that, in the future, there will be more to come as for me and millions of Japan Otaku lovers desire to have something they love in brand new form which are games - even those less popular but at the same time filled with magic. I would't be unhappy if they develop "Soul Eater", "D. Gray man", "Hitman Reborn", "Fairy Tail", "Yaiba", "Samurai 7 / Champloo", "Slam Dunk", "Afro Samurai", "Supernatural", "Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann", "Hellsing", "Basillisk", "Pokemon", "Hunter x Hunter", "Keroro Gunso" ones as well. Not fighting games nsry - RPG are fine also. Since a kid I was Tekken & Mortal Kombat fanboy so "Street Fighter X Tekken", alongside with "Super Robot Wars", "Marvel vs Capcom" (only because of Darkstallkers vampire;3) will have a place on my shelf too. Btw. I've found "Tales of" enjoyable. You will also watch here some random good looking titles like "Atelier Rorona" because of Alchemy!. OH YEAH  Toki to Eien: Tokitowa  which is HD ANIME RPG game! LOVELY!!! Here're some videos, enjoy and better buy them now, why do you wait?!

Red round shape Fire! Nice building Rock climbing Fly kite, fly! Rock climbing Rock climbing