Thursday, April 28, 2011

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The very beginning

   This is my very first blog post and I'm so sorry for the chaotic form. I've long wondered about this particular creation, but as I noticed, everyone who followed a similar route that I, had blog and have it to this day by sharing his life and achievements in it. I wanted to start earlier but force majeure, holidays, and burned power supply from the computer made it impossible. Sometimes life puts us to try, or simply it just have to be as it is. 
    However, let's get to the point ... For a long time (hey already in elementary school), Japan engulfed me and so did everything connected with it. At the beginning I knew about "Pokemon" and "Dragon Ball" but when it comes to Japan and its people my knowledge ended at eating rice by the citizens , slanted eyes of theirs and good hand made swords in Kyoto! Maybe not much but it just captivated me immensely. The passion developed slowly, through randomly watched anime from the 90s, viewing photos and reading news on the Country of Cherry Blossoms until the end of high school. 
   When I went to college, a mate from the city I lived in contracted me massively with anime. Even then it was clear that I want to spend my life in Japan and devote it to animation & manga job so I chose the field of study ( the same as she did ), which could provide me a free pass to a goal of mine - by obtaining the knowledge about global market and commerce. Selection was based on my character because I do not like to be "under someone". Learning as much as possible and even more was a starting point in a journey of mine. 
   So it began: in the first year I met a lot of people who shared my passion, their experiences about the anime. I started going at conventions, obligatory thing for every person that loves Japan and having a will to learn new things and people. I started to think seriously about leaving my country in every possible way: from 3 week trip by visiting Nihon and working at night or while sleeping in the temples. So far, nothing came of it. However, I decided to wade into it further. 
    Recently the light at the horizon shown up itself, namely the grant (now there's no regret in choosing IB) , which could cover my studies in Japan (as the term you do not know it can cost up to 10.000 USD for a year...) Unfortunately, I missed the deadline a bit and have to wait until next year. I still, nevertheless, look for other ways of getting there. Everything will satisfy me - as long to live in this country because I feel I belong there. 
The beauty of the Japanese landscape, customs, food and culture is amazing and at the same time unique. Have you had it before, this feeling in yourself to get away somewhere and stay there forever? Cause I'm being haunted by it every single day. Sometimes it hurts, I mean to be still in Poland. But, as someone wrote: '' Well, I really live passionately for several years, and step by step realize a goal of mine. When sb is into it for so long, over time, it begins to sprout new opportunities and turn grow into something marvelous'' So now I'm finishing bachelor's and I plan further years. 
That's all for today, 
ps. It's a bit to late but listen what they have to say:

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