Saturday, July 09, 2011

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  With the end of the academic year I decided more than before (as in any free time) by devoting my time to run this blogger post and share with you the thoughts of the past few weeks. I promise more frequent posts.
''Internationalization of Disney Animated Film Studio for the Japanese market'' was a success. I ended up with five - mainly for the outstanding topic, somehow up to date and causing significant problems when it comes to getting proper information about it. The work was so comprehensive. I by myself was amazed as well, but doing something you like is the best thing one can do in life :). Now only pass the exam for a master degree and I can rest at 100%.
  Do you remember the previous post regarding "Maximum The Hormone" ? I couldn't go, although a number of reasons, nonetheless I started to work closely together with the band & biggest fan site .The details cannot be revealed for now, but there will be some results, shortly, I guess. Instead of it a evil Nintendo DS Lite appeared. I am glad that it is in my possession now.
 Warsaw was also one of mine destination points, where I met with my female and male friends, which I genuinely appreciate. I haven't seen them for 2 years time. Kei is developing as a computer scientist, Anne travels - so jealous of her ... 19 years old and she earned the two-month trip to Japan by herself. For me, this is another incentive to stimulate the dreams so as to it would come true.
Plans for the holidays? In the near future convention "Animatsuri" in Warsaw, re-knowing old mates by a trip to their city. A significant moment will be devoted to watch anime. 
  Some resolution? Start preparing for the JLPT Level 1 "Japanese Language Proficiency Test" and do not put things off, while developing and striving to the goal.

See U!

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