Friday, July 13, 2012

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Daily life note

Hello again, after 5 month break here I am again! I'm back, anyone missed me?
I did not forget about the blog I run but I was struggling whether or not continue it as for I am a very busy person and I do not like letting somebody down. In the end I decided not to delate it for now so rest assured there'll be some posts for you and in the mean time the new site I'm working on will take shape ( thanks to it, you would be able to see more with less effort).
  You can state yourself a question: what was I doing all this time? And here it goes the explanation...I simply studied as much I could only to pass  II semester on master degree of mine ( it was so damn hard because of Globalization and Econometry subject). Lucky me I ended up with double B, I still wonder if I got lucky or am I simply smart & stubborn?
  Anyway, besides studies I had much spare time to finish up my otaku room (now I feel like at home), work with Nintendo Polska (a lot of money went into my pocket but what I liked the most was gaining the experience and bringing the joy to kids playing their products), go on Anli Pollicino performance (it was so amazing, indescribable I should say), look up for scholarships that could guarantee me a travel to the universities in Japan and Korea as well ( if one fancy to know the details just let me know), refresh my english ( an USA friend of my cousin decided to move to Poland so I have a chance to lead enjoyable conversations especially when it comes to Japan because he loves it too) , study some Japanese, watch "How I Met Your Mother" and "Smallville".
 Lastly I decided to start studying Korean, for it is better to know more than the language of country you plan to go to and live there ( Japanese + English + Polish + German + Korean combination is a good thing when it comes to finding a proper job).
I've also found a free training job in animation company which will be a great opportunity to polish my skills, help the company and aquire some work experience - as one person said : "you gain an advantage by signing up as the volunteer" - your future employer will admire that. In addition to that I applied for a help with event called "Animator".
 Currently I'm thinking of passing some English certificate and working part - time which could help me with my next year summer trip to Japan:) The sun is shining, I healed my eye, new "Dragon Ball Z" movie speculations ( the last one was in 1995) is on his way same as "Pokemon White2". It couldn't be better than this for now.
In the meantime, one trailer is about to be done. It regards to Dragon Ball Z series and it will be life action.

Hope to write more, best regards!


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