Tuesday, August 28, 2012

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Motivating entry nr.2

As far I remember there was one crucial thing in my existence that kept me alive all the time. Many of you have something you treasure or just set it as main point in life. For me it's become a successful person and fulfil my dream. So till this day I struggle with thoughts and  moments ment to be important to me.  I do things in my own way and always hope it will pay somehow (some people think of me as a silly because I do not follow raw pattern of life but what can I do I'm a stand alone warrior, strong enough to survive by myself, everything for greater good). Ofcourse it is important to backup yourself with some role models like  Mr. Danny Choo or Walt Disney in my case - looking back at their lifes and creating a diorama in ones mind.
You can read more about a previous post of mine. The worst thing, I guess, is choosing a right route. One can go right but if he fails and won't figure out a hidden way to go back on track it can be fatal to his goal. That's why I always reflect things twice or even triply before doing something. But even with that catching a failure could be bad...That's why, no matter what, never give up, fight till the end, even if there's no chance of winning. Otherwise you will end up unfullfiled, doing something opposite than you predicted for yourself. There're times in which I stand on the crossroads with my doubts and etc. but instead of puffing and being depressed I boost my mind with things I love like anime or articles about Japan. As for anime, most of stuff comes from shonen ones. There is Dragon Ball for instance where weak at first warriors struggle for piece and power. However most important  motivation, for me, comes from Bakuman & Slam Dunk series. In S.D there is guy named Sakurai, which is big and like basketball but lacks of skills. And you know what? he doesn't give up but train like Rocky 100 times more than his opponents, mastering it and holding title of nr.1 player. About another one you will never talk, write but definitely fall for it and treat as something special, close to your life. Bakuman is a story of two young boys with talent. They desire to be the best manga artists in the world and change it for better. I just live from one episode to another. In opening there're wise words to read so do it right now, do not hessistate. It's them that descibe the way I feel. Even if someone is better than you, do not give up, surpass him and win!

The fight doesn’t end until I fulfill my dream
I wonder how far I’ve come now
in ten years, I’ll be living the dream
it’s the scenario I wrote for myself so I’ll have no regrets
but life isn’t that easy and it’s full of obstacles
still, I swear to myself that I won’t ever back down
I have a dream that I absolutely want to achieve
so I fuel my passion until I succeed
there will be meetings and partings along the way
but I’ll simply believe in my strength that you’ve taught me
and rise back up again and again
~dream of life
This is how I roll. One year more of studies, in the meantime english certificates, learning Japanese, graphics and some odd Jobs. Afterwards my mind set in the direction of JAPAN! This song will be good.

You'd better change now
You'd better catch now
I'll show you my strength now

I don't need to hide no more
You've got the chance now
You've got the power
I show you my life now
I show you my everything yeah yeah

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