Sunday, August 19, 2012

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Crossfaith Into The Zion

 As you recall, some time ago I wrote about buying tickets for Antique Cafe. And it would be enough, for I desire, apart from A.C, to see Maximum The Hormone & M.U.C.C only. But they won't come so soon and I saw something interesting on the way. I thought one lives just one, Crossfaith here we go. Yeah they'll be giving a performance in my country, which is rare. You know Autumn / Winter tends to be boring and depressing so why wouldn't I like to cheer myself up with this particular kind of entertainment? I don't know the price but when it comes to being happy, there is no such a thing as to expensive ( even if I'm poor). I will list some links, if you're interested:
Here is how their performances look like in this year 2012:
As for Vans Warped Tour it's an event held each year in U. K followed by BMX contests and music performances. Aside from Crossfaith many good bands gave a show


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