Sunday, August 19, 2012

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My attempt in music industry

It has been nearly one month since I wrote, isn't it great to have me back? Because I did a lot with a blog of mine I was fed up with internet so I decided to have some Summer break from PC. Nearly 30 days of lazyness, sleeping till 11 A.M...but nevermind that. It wasn't like I did nothing. Today I want to share good piece of information with you, my dear readers. A band (info) decided to approve my invitation to Poznan, Poland! How did this happen? What do I have in common with bands anyway?

 Firstly, starting from 2008, I being leader of R.I.T.D.G run for free an event called "Roaring In 'The Dark", which is J-rock / metal / gothic party. It is one of two in my entire country, so many people come and enjoy their time. You know I love Japan and everything connected to it. I had a dream, thanks to manager of Nana Kitade, to held Japanese music performance just once or even more if it pays. As far you should know, people in Japan tend to reccomend / help someone they know. So I have a friend called Masa, he is the leader of Ant1nett visual kei band. It just happened that he is on his new world tour. I saw an opening and wrote to him. Afterwards I provided the club for free with promotion (radio, internet, cooperation with local Japanese convent) included. It will be fun I guess, that's all I want, money does not matter! "life is about passion..." Mr. Danny Choo. Some links below:
Here are some useful links, don't be scared to use them:

ps. I will report how it went and put some pictures mb. Starting from now on organising music events are my side job! Summer fun here we go!

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