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Mirai Suenaga 末永みらい nendoroid

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Click for the gallery of product provided by Culture Japan and being its property:
 While listening to a favourite Polish anime radio, I decided to put some words into computer screen for ya.
It has been one year since I encountered Mr. Danny Choo website called "Culture Japan". From that very moment, till now, while struggling with my studies, I saw many great things written by him: one could find there gunpla, Japan as a country, figurines, tv-shows, social anime related gathernings and Japanese holidays.
The most important part, however, to me were his achievements when it comes to life goal he set himself. I'm talking here about becoming someone important, proving own abilities, grasping every possibility given, succesing in this particular industry & changing it for better, bringing many good for every otaku on the planet, leaving great legacy and impact for future generations to living his own passion at the same time, even if the chances of this outcome were tiny.
And you know what? I'm a little envy but at the same time grateful and happy, for he does exist - my life guide master. In one year he managed to bust his own company beyound borders: from attending to various Japan related events, meeting with important people in industry by working on own anime adaptation to selling Mirai Millenium stuff. Everything achieved by taking the precious moments in life i.e working day by day in corporations. Like Alphonse from FMA used to say take 10 return 11. Wise words, am I right?
Lately he pulled off his own nendoroid - cute little Mirai with car, robot and Moekana cards inside. This item became nr. 2 best selling on Amazon and top product in AmiAmi store. No wonder...because it is well made, a lot of stuff can be found inside and kit itself had good promotion. It's cheap but at the same time I'm poor oh well I'm well encouraged by its mere existence ( Mr. Danny compared Mirai to the poster of Shinjuku as a motivator)..this is how smart and educated person is like - happy but moneyless;]

Product Details ( courtesy of Good Smile Company ):
  • Product Name Nendoroid Mirai Suenaga (ねんどろいど すえながみらい)
  • Series Culture Japan
  • Manufacturer Good Smile Company
  • Category Nendoroid
  • Price from 2,980円 to 3,429円 (including tax)
  • Release Date 2012/12
  • Specifications Painted ABS&PVC non-scale articulated figure with stand included. Approximately 100mm in height.
  • Sculptor Shichibee
  • Cooperation Nendoron
  • The final product may differ slightly from the photos shown.
You can order by typing Mirai nendoroid from stores like:
For more info and pictures go here:

"Next up is the scale figure by Max Factory which was announced at Anime Festival Asia Malaysia ^o^ "

I didn't expect that coming, honestly! See? This is how it works when one is successful! I believe in You and me..

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