Tuesday, September 04, 2012

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My ps3 games

 To begin with, I do not own this console, yet it would be good to have one. Nonetheless, putting it aside I bet that each of you have a "plan to play this game" page in your notebook. So do I. Today I'll write about Playstation 3 ones, for my list is finally done. One can expect, however, some future post about rest of top console games of mine. Why did I start with PS3? I remember playstation 1 - PS one oh yes: many hours spent on playing great titles. In the contrary of Nintendo (simple candy games but still enjoyable), Sony focuses on games with great graphic, vast storyline and character development. I've never dreamed to play any Japanese game on this machine but then I saw "Dragon Ball" on PS3 saying holly shit - my dream came true. Then they created "Naruto", "Bleach", "One Piece" and finally "Gundam" (oh lovely BANDAI<3).
Each of it is made very well, so while watching I can feel like reading a manga or exploring anime universe. This is the spirit of Japan-they can implement something great into everything - here console. I like watching  Shōnen , I really do and it's maybe because I picked them up and had good time while reading on various websites, browsing google images, watching them on youtube to talking about them with my friends. I hope that, in the future, there will be more to come as for me and millions of Japan Otaku lovers desire to have something they love in brand new form which are games - even those less popular but at the same time filled with magic. I would't be unhappy if they develop "Soul Eater", "D. Gray man", "Hitman Reborn", "Fairy Tail", "Yaiba", "Samurai 7 / Champloo", "Slam Dunk", "Afro Samurai", "Supernatural", "Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann", "Hellsing", "Basillisk", "Pokemon", "Hunter x Hunter", "Keroro Gunso" ones as well. Not fighting games nsry - RPG are fine also. Since a kid I was Tekken & Mortal Kombat fanboy so "Street Fighter X Tekken", alongside with "Super Robot Wars", "Marvel vs Capcom" (only because of Darkstallkers vampire;3) will have a place on my shelf too. Btw. I've found "Tales of" enjoyable. You will also watch here some random good looking titles like "Atelier Rorona" because of Alchemy!. OH YEAH  Toki to Eien: Tokitowa  which is HD ANIME RPG game! LOVELY!!! Here're some videos, enjoy and better buy them now, why do you wait?!

Red round shape Fire! Nice building Rock climbing Fly kite, fly! Rock climbing Rock climbing

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