Tuesday, November 20, 2012

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The meaning of passion

Today I would like to highlight the drift about doing something as a volunteer. Not so long time ago there was only one opionion in my mind about doing something without earning money for it - lame, lost of precious time etc. like going to football game and stand 5h stright. However in the past few days I've discovered the very fact that I enjoy doing something without hesitation and receiving payment, while not being rich.
I have to admit, in the past many people were given gifts by me just because - I don't like having money and while possessing it I prefer spending it on someone else, naive one can state, that's for sure but this is nice seriously. It has all began from old man trying to buy way overpriced TV so I guided him to the proper store and gave him an advice - at the end while walking away he smiled & expressed his appreciation towards me. Next issue had to do with private English lessons ( I find my language at high level of difficulty ^,^ ). Since no one called I decided to help without any charge. Not to mention the peace at which I either write or explain the task, in addition I love challenging myself so...Anyway, thanks to it many people were grateful, for I brought forth various essays, letters or even lent a helping hand with studying loads of material. Today I went on first serious job interview. Strangly I wasn't even scared and did not think much about it at home but just before the entrance. Funny thing: I was employed there before as manual worker in BZWBK bank, City Bank Handlowy. Some guy I know also got his job thanks to them, for they asked me if there's someone proper for working as network administrator, so I reccomended him without any second thought. The company itself has 50 years of tradition in finding and offering workplaces. It isn't much for someone like me - holding almost master degree but when I saw how bad is their situation: no working website, dropping scale of companies cooperating with them or even the base of emplyees there was only thing I could do in this matter - generally speaking improve the business. The president was delighted by my ideas, skills and offered me even a lot, as for student, money per hour. At first I was against receiving any income but finally thought that I can put aside gold and buy my very first ticket to Japan! So I will be paid for something I know well & spend time on it few days in the week. Putting it altogether, there is a hope for good outcome and that matters the most, for as Mr Danny Choo said: "Life is not about being financially comfortable - its about living a passion". But I won't work there for ages - just to improve the quality of their establishment ( remember Dannys 1st Rising Sun employer -case of Nature Japan - Korean company?) and move on in life so as not to land in the safe zone. I'm so joyful. Life is great! Here you go, in this short interview is said how passion worked out for a rolemodel of mine.

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  1. It's very help me for the another day to inspiration me :D


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