Friday, September 28, 2012

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Gaijin Japanese studies

 Today I want to share with you a piece of knowledge about life decisions and the wisdom of successful people. As far you remember I am a 24 year old student. In the following year I finish my master. One could ask what next, what do you plan to do after that? Because I do have some ideas and know arleady my desires I had to think which way fits me the best. And it isn't that simple. You know, decisions are like a cake: it depends of  flavor- you will like it or not so if  the path you've picked out is good then reward is waiting for you at the end of some life stage, otherwise things can go bad.
So I made up my mind and began learning Japanese language. It is crucial for someone who desires to work and live in Japan to know how to communicate. I had to choose between self-study and some university. It was a really long time, before I've made up my mind. Before that I wanted to know how did taste other cakes eaten by people I know or googled by chance but yet wrapped to my interest. At first I thought about Mr. Danny Choo - a role model of mine. He did learn the language by himself, however went to S.O.A.S university after that. One has to remember that it was in 90's so I thought why not to dig more about current situation. So I did. At first there was a guy, which wanted to paint and Japanese was his additional horse and you know what? He is doing just fine. Some man I know, on the other hand, do not care much about learning the language, for he've many other things to do in life like web design or working in a bank. Later on I thought about two friends of mine: Anne and Kei ( current readers should remember them if not just click apropriate labels). They've both learned Japanese by themselves with outstanding outcome, studying Chinese or Computer Science at the same time.  For the last cake I wrote on 3 different forums focused on Japanese studies. I wrote to many current and previous students (starting from 2005) stating my opinion and desires about gaining the power to speak Japanese itself. They all agreed that, going to university overall and nowadays isn't as important as before and one would simply, at the same time, suffer because of additional subjects and classes with big group not to mention one pace for everyone. They also recommended me to take, instead of university, some Japanese course and then study by my own.
To sume up all the examples I gave I can say one: everyone agreed that nowadays it isn't critical to go into university to master language. One has to think what role will it have in his own life. If it is something you want to do as main job or have a lot of spare time then go for it-studies are for you. But if something, for me Japanese, is an additional skill, not fateful one then it's no use in sacrificing 3 years of life. It is much better to devote it for more intensive, adjusted to your person life - became your own master and find most suited cake you've ever eaten! So here I am: Japanese self study, English certificate. Goal? To pass JLPT 4 (or 3 if I do good) and TOEFL in 1 year, writing my master degree thesis. I hope you enjoyed my post, now listen to him.


  1. Technology of Japan is Hight Quality :)

  2. I have also great interest in Japanese studies due to which now a days I am joining in institute where I am learning about Japanese language !! Thanks for sharing such useful thought !!


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