Sunday, November 11, 2012

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Live progress

We all meet again, how nice. You sure remember my last post about present situation in a life of mine. So how is it now? Apparently I did not die. Being busy - that was the real reason behind my silence. In addition there is no use in posting crap stuff as nearly every blog nowadays does, it's better to search for unique content attached, at the same time, to your own interest - that would be the best option. I'm doing quite well that's for sure. As for Japanese I've made a weee progress (hiragana, katakana & some kanji) in addition to listening and reading karaoke music- Dragon Ball GT ed suits me the best.
My studies are doing also fine, even if takes me 2 day to sit at my university. Recently I wrote a case study about animation cluster in Japan - it was a lot of fun, for I've found a 2009-2014 improvement plan for Nerima region. I did it good, ate some yummy sweets and I felt happy, fulfilled - this is the time in which my ultimate happiness is born. With low steps, also, I start to write my master paper about Japan+commerce+anime/figures ( won't reveal it for now:P ). English certificate, how about it? BEC+CAE will do fine. There was some events on the way like ZOO & meeting of new friends in a city of mine but there will be more in next posts, let we hope for that. Pure pleasure at 1 position in life! That's all I wanted to share with you all. As I always try to input something motivational into the post ( which often describe my feelings) here you go Bakuman 3 ending by Sphere called "Pride on Everyday" hit 5:42:

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  1. I like this CSS PROGRESS :D
    it's beautiful in blog :D


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