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My international stars

  Some people I know requested me to write about them, also there're some which just deserve to be included here. At first I wanted to devote one post for one person but it would consume to much time so here we go!
Hikakin is a creative Japanese guy, beatboxer, otaku and at the same time normal cheerful person. I met him on youtube while reading a friend of mine facebook posts. At first glance he did not fascinated me a lot, all he did was some mouth stuff, but good enough to subscribe his channel. When the time passed by, however, Hikakin became better at beatboxing ( he made pokemon, dubstep one with strange voices I did not know person could do), participated in many events even in Berlin, teamed up with his friend.
 Lastly I saw some of his room videos in which manga, various anime, One Piece, Japanese food were shown not to mention graphic sequences like multiple body or teleport technique. That's something to be proud of and worth spending ones free time on it. Today I saw his new built website about outdoor life of his, food and surrounding. I highly recommend you to see it!
      Check out his website and facebook:
Mari on the opposite is a cute Japanese woman living in United States of America - U.S.A in short. I came across her person by watching funny stuff about foreign food (made by two SMOSH dudes which are also Japan fanatics). When it comes to Mari, she is a good example of stranger in alien country. I always wondered how the America is like in the eye of mere Japanese person - you know thier advanced life vs funny stuf made by U.S.A citizens. Not only she adopted there well but also enjoys stuff shown on TV, internet or daily life. In her videos one can find comparisons between those 2 countries and funny facts about her current place of residence, sometimes Nihon as well.
Check out her videos tagged as "Smosh pit weekly" and FB profile:
Asian Sugar profile was found by me just accidentally when I wanted to obtain more knowledge about Singapure lifestyle & studies. But then, suddenly I realized, that it was much more than mere vblog. It is run by Polish couple, in which a cute Polish woman talks about Asian cosmetics and how to use them. Moreover she sells it worldwide. 4.000.000 of views makes it worthy site, isn't it? Here're some how to be more Asian

Polish facebook profile of hers:
If one is interested just click on the link provided here:
Japanese Board Club is the biggest and the best one in Poland when it comes to Asian classic games like Shogi, Go, some Wietnamese and Korean ones. The leader behind this project is Mr. Andrzej Witarzewski which came up with the idea to team up with other fanatics. That's how it was born. To this very day there were many events conducted that met with good response. Yet, it's only the beginning.
Be sure to check out their site:

Yoshiyasu Tamura & Seiichi Yoshida are two Japanese artists. The first one works as a mangaka. I met him, by chance, in Poznan, Poland because he decided to show his paintings & mangas in SPOT club. For mere Polish otaku it was something big, indeed. I have to mention the fact that his series called "Fudegami" were published by Shueisha and he is in close touch with Tite Kubo (Bleach series). He also gave a speech at Uniwersytet Adama Mickiewicza about being an Japanese artist. As for now, he travels to gain inspirations to his works. 
                                    Grab his site here:
Mr. Seiichi Yoshida can be described as veteran of Japanese art scene & daily life involvement. I did not found out his activities, it was him who said hello first. Because of my interest in Mr. Yoshiyasu person and after seing my pictures on facebook ( I'm also involved in art, music, animation, culture, Japan life etc.) he decided to get along with me and enter into cooperation. From now on I will try to help him as much I can and vice versa hopefully. Lastly he set up a statue across Japan witch purpose is to remember about Fukushima victims. He's also strongly against nuclear energy ( Japanese people set up a HUGE protest in this matter sponsored by Facebook). It is nice to read about this kind of movement -example at Dannychoo.
Ant1nett, previously called Runa 1945 is Japanese band composed by 3 men with Mr. Masanori Yabuki as a leader. Their music style can be comparised to FEEL (Taizo and so on). Each of song is full of warm, trust, reasonable thoughts and kind words - one could listen it on and on you know? Their approach to stage performances must be priced as well, for they travel around the world (Germany, Mexico, Poland, Litua, Rossia, U.S.A) with passion, playing nearly for free just to gain joy and smiles from fans. I just love that kind of people - devoted and passionate when it comes to music. So please support them as much as you can by fulfilling their request. The band need proper videos and translation of lyrics. Thank you on behalf of them.
Mr. Keisho Ohno, last man stand in this blog post. On daily basis he is a  Japanese Shamisen master, one of a kind in this world, honestly there is noone as good as he is. He loves Europe and because of that one can find him in France. If you did not heard about his unique performances and kind heart just do it now. Last year I was so happy, that he decided to visit Poland and give a performance, yet he did not arrive because of dead engine in his car, shame oh shame. Oh well at least poster of him is in my hands, still hope he will return someday and rock my body!

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