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A short tale about

Hello again, 

As many other humans, I also have so be called motivators and role models in a existence of mine. Being a mere young person, student to be exact one can simply be confused with his daily life. Where to go, what job to pick up, who is most suited for friend, what to eat are common questions stated in this time interval. 
Lucky me, I came across, while pursuing my own goal, kind and smart people, which because of their existence, photos they done and words they either said or wrote cheered & motivated me up. The moment has come, all I can do is to bow in their direction and simply say THANK YOU for "being" with me all this time. 
   The very first person I encountered with was Marlene. She's kind, always happy, smart girl from my hometown, one of two I've met in entire life. Back in the high school I did not know what to do with my life. I was playing computer games, watching anime and doing nothing besides it. And there she was, a blessing in disguise, showed without any previous signals. Because of our common interest, I was given a bunch of good anime like Samurai Champloo or Full Metal Alchemist. But that was only the beginning I was also told that she passed the qualifications for college I was dreaming of but couldn't apply because of my bad marks 63/200. In this time, I realized, that it's high time to do something with my life. Through her ​​positive attitude and ambitions I made up my mind to re-done my final exams. After one year of hard work I was able to enroll for Economics studies with the score 175 / 200. She's one year ahead of me, getting more intelligent day by day. From now on I decided to do more that one expect of me. Without Marlene I couldn't be able to do so. For this very day we remained good supportive friends. 
   I previously wrote there was another woman I admire because of the person she is. Her name is Anne. Strange as it could be I've also met her while "playing'' online games, on gamecenter forum to be precise. She was one of admins there. We started to share our opinions about anime and so on. Real life meeting was at Animatsuri convention held in Warsaw, Poland. I met her by chance, without any knowledge she would be there (as I remember calligraphy was her horse back then and that's why she came), for Kei (also my gamecenter friend) spotted her and introduced us. As she started to talk I knew that she's something special. Younger than me but so ambitious and fierce to achieve her objective which was Japan. Back then we got along well but as any busy person there was little spare time to share. Last year, in 2011, we teamed up again on Daikon convention. Again, I was shocked that she learned Japanese, earned money for trip there - all by herself at age of 19. Since then I forced my mind and body to level up in life again, doing it by this day. In 2012 Anne started to learn Chinese and currently explore the country itself. Respect, pure respect.
  Let's head to third person which is Mr. Michal Mazur - Mazzi in short. As a PSX Extreme journalist, Japan fanatic and most important student of Japanese university he impressed me in a big way. I wasn't able, back then, hah even for this day I only dream of doing those kind of activities at once. I came across his site while searching for ways of emigration to Japan ofcourse. While reading his story one could feel ''that", something special, making your dream come true. A lot of time passed but I still hold on to a profile of his (just look at those pictures of Nihon damn). As I can see he is still progressing in life so I do want. Hopefully we can meet someday in Japan. 

As for JaponiaBlizej & Tigrax4 I'm just theirs huge blog fan. I found the first one by searching for Computer Arts Project: The Japanese issue yet couldn't obtain at the end. Tigrax4 happened to be a fan of Mr. Danny Choo. She likes figures - the most Good Smile Company ones. As far I know Tigra studied telecommunications in the past, as for now she decided to start full time post-graduate program. Last year she went to Japan. You can find there, even Neon Genesis Evangelion spear. Person which write about casual lifes of Japanese people is JapanCloser There're posts about food, customs. Here is an good example of tasty things served ( there's a lot more of it!): 
If each of this woman progressed that far in life so I can in my own twisted way, but I won't surrender! 
Lastly I want to mention about motivators, in short some quotations of people I admire:
 On the remarkable achievements always consists toil of many hands,hearts and minds of many''-Walt Disney;
„ He that stays in the valley shall never get over the hill” -that's why I want to leave Poland and go to Japan!
„ Fine. Stay here-talking to my lazyness. Be just like everyone else. I wanna boldly go where no man has gone before." - Hiro Nakamura;
“ Life is not about being financially comfortable - its about living a passion''-DannyChoo;
„ I don't really care about being right. I just care about success'' Steve Jobs;
„ Destroying the undestroyable... You truly deserve to be called "Slayer" Xellos;
„ Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity. To seize everything you ever wanted in one moment. Would you capture it or just let it slip? by Eminem;
„ I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”  R. Reagan.
This video ( it just happened to be Dragon Ball reltd) can describe all my thoughts in simple matter about life.

Best regards!


  1. We are amazed and delighted. :) Thank you.

  2. I feel really honored :)

  3. No problem. I just felt like writing about You, even if it isn't that much ( who knows, however, what the future holds). But still life wouldn't be that nice as it is now without your blogs:)